Cricket High School

Meet The Team

        Shaheed Shaik
The Director of Newlands Cricket School is Mr Shaheed Shaik.  Mr Shaik opened his first school in 2006, The Stonefountain College, and in 2009 also opened in Kenilworth. In 2012, he opened his 3rd campus in Bellville. The schools are all private high schools affiliated to the Western Cape Education Department.
Mr Shaik represented the non racial Boland Cricket Provincial side as captain in the 80’s, and was also Chairman of the Paarl Cricket Union as well as The Paarl Football Association. His association with junior cricket started in 1981, when he established junior cricket in Paarl on the request of the late spearhead of the anti apartheid struggle in sport, Mr Hassan Howa.
He has also been managing junior sides at Primrose, Yorkshire and at WPCC. In 2013 and in 2014, his WPCC sides won the u/13 Feedem Pitseng Knock out competition featuring over 60 school and club sides at Newlands Cricket Ground. 2014 also saw 11 of the players in his care being selected for WP u/13 squads.

Mr Shaik is a qualified educator, having taught at various schools, and is also a former headmaster. He brings a wealth of experience to both the school and the cricket. In 2008, The National Department of Education consulted with Mr Shaik regarding an innovative drug monitoring policy he had introduced at his schools, this policy has since become the benchmark for a national strategy and is now implemented at public schools across the country.

His secret is to play many games, his sides play approximately 40 games in a 3 month cycle, across the various formats, 15 over, 20 over, 35 over, 50 over and time cricket. Players in his care become hardened and skilled cricketers by sheer virtue of balance of games. His teams go on tours, practices with very skilled coaches, go on team building outings, have regular workshops and even play action cricket in the winter.

A tireless community worker, his love for children and cricket can be seen by the huge success he has achieved and continues to achieve on and off the cricket field. His charges are some of the most proficient people playing cricket in the country, but they are all courteous and polite and have wonderful manners, they truly set high standards and maintain a complete balance on and off the field.


       Naashief Jattiem
       (Head of Cricket)

Sport in many instances is a metaphor for life and it has such a big impact in shaping the lives of our children it is important to ensure the experience leaves a positive impact. Naashief’s philosophy is about managing people, having the ability to unlock and develop the potential of each person holistically. His drive is to develop and teach in a style that produces self-reliant players who take responsibility for their own growth and personal development. This is in stark contrast to parental style coaching that generally results in dependent players. The real difference is about believing in someone and then taking action to help that person be his or her very best.
A CSA qualified coach with a certificate in sports administration he has been coaching or shaping lives since 2003. He started out his career in coaching with Altius United Cricket Club where in this time he also was appointed as coach in the development and talent identification structures of the Western Province Cricket Association.
 Hungry for knowledge and never one to shy away from a challenge he still attends numerous CSA and WPCA coach acceleration program camps, workshops and refresher courses ensuring he stays abreast of the latest and best practises as well as learn from the different ideologies.

Still very active in coaching at club level having held recent positions as head coach at Blue Bells Cricket Club and Primrose Cricket Club. He was also appointed as coaching consultant with Western Province Cricket Club where in partnership with Mr Shaik they won the Feedem Cup on Newlands in 2013 as well as become the first pair to defend the title in 2014. Naashief has since his appointment in the structures of the Western Province Cricket Association been appointed as WPCA provincial youth coach. In addition he is the current chairperson of both the Western Province Cricket Coaches Association and WPCA provincial youth coach appointment board. The afore mentioned posts also earns him a seat on the WPCA amateur management board. He also fills the roles of being a WPCCA coaching mentor and supervisor while also assisting with the facilitation of coach education courses.  

Naashief believes in leading by example with ethos of being big on discipline and having a strong work ethic. He is passionate and demands a lot from his students as to him it’s a matter of motivating or inspiring people to prepare and work hard while making the learning environment conducive and fun. One familiar expression in the coaching world that sums him up perfectly: “Good Coaches Coach Technique, but Great Coaches Coach People”

       Maheed Cassiem
    (Website Developer) 
     (Graphic Designer)
Maheed is a graphic Designer and Analyst Programmer / SharePoint Developer at his profession. Played cricket at Junior level.He brings a wealth of experience to both the school and the WPCA with his Management experience. In 2011 he was tasked to manage  the Feedem Mpitseng under 13 side in the Provincial B Tournemant in Worcester. In 2012 he got involved with the WPCA when he was appointed as Manager for cubs and Pups (under 11 sides ). Also Manager of the WPCC under 13 side that played in the knock out finals at Newlands in 2011.

Clubs Involved:
Sea Crest,
South Peninsula

CSA Level 1 cricket coaching certificate

Managers award at WPCC 2011
Chairmans Award 2012

Western Province Cricket Association
Association 2013 to present
Managing of Internet site for association
Managing district nets for under 11/13/15
Manager of cubs and pups 2012
Manager of WP under 15 B 2013
Manager of WP under 15 B 2014


          Clinton Ravens
 (Appointed Math teacher and Coach)

I think my job on this earth is to help people. I just love helping students with their work and players with their game. It runs in the family. In coaching I have worked with teams and individuals. There have been good times and bad times. I still believe that I’m a student of the game. You need to keep up with the times. I believe my job as a coach is to bring out the best in the player. They are so different so you must be flexible, know how to speak to them and listen to them. That’s where my teaching experience helps me.

27 Years experience teaching Mathematics, Technology and Science at various levels, including at College of Cape Town as an assessor, lecturer and facilitator.


• N.C.A.Junior-1985-England
• N.C.A.Senior - 1986- England
• Level 2 -1991- South Africa
• Level 3 -1997-South Africa
• Sports Management - 2003 - Boston City Campus

• Western Province Cricket Board •
• Garlandale
• Blue Bells

Western Province Cricket Association
• Victoria 1A
• Montrose 1A
• St Augustines 1A
• Western Province Cricket Club U/19

• Coach for the Northern Suburbs and Kuils River
• Assist with Level 1 and Level 2 coaching courses

Western Province U/13 A
U/15 A
U/17 A
U19 A
U/19 Three Day Team

Nashua Cape Cobra Cubs

• Western Province Cricket Association Amateur Coach of the year 2013.
• Sport and Recreation City of Cape Town District 2 Coach of the year 2013. U/19 A