Cricket High School


Grade 8s and 9s will be following the Western Cape Education Department (WCED)curriculum.

The following subjects:

Afrikaans / Xhosa
Natural Sciences HSS ( History and Geography)
Economic Management Sciences
Life Orientation & Life Skills
Arts & Culture

Learners will decide on their academic streams at grade 10 level:

Science stream: Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences & Geography

Commerce stream: Mathematics, Business Studies, Economics & Accountancy

General Stream: Mathematics or Mathematics literacy, Travel & Tourism, History & Geography.

Plus 2 languages and Life Orientation & Life Skills

There will be remedial teachers at the school daily from 3pm to 5pm daily except for Fridays, especially for Mathematics and English, learners who need the extra attention, will be referred to these remedial teachers.

HOD’s from Stonefountain College will keep a vigilant eye on work progress and the conformity and compliance with WCED pace setters, and all examinations will be monitored. Examination papers will be of a high standard, and all results will be closely monitored to detect short comings.

The school will communicate with parents vie an sms database, so parents will be informed of projects, assignments and tests and examinations all the time.

The school will be introducing a system of IPAD use in class, and will reduce the amount of books to be carried to school. Text books will be copied onto IPADS and homework will be sent to learners via emails, whilst learners can communicate with their teachers via email as well. All learners will receive a dedicated email address.

There will be safe keeping for IPADS and also a mass charging facility. Learners who make us of public transport, will have to leave their IPADS in safe keeping at the school.

All parents must serve on the school’s GOVERNING BODY. Attending meetings will be compulsory. Parents must play an active role in the development of their children.
Learners will sit for 2 big examinations in June and November, whilst the March and September examinations will be in the form of prescribed tests. Learners will however have to work throughout the year as their continuous assessment is the most important part of their assessment.

The school will be quick to arrange interventions when a learner shows signs of falling behind. We expect a 100% pass percentage for all our learners.

image A word of encouragement from ZAINUL ABIDIN, who matriculated at Stonefountain College, Athlone Campus, in 2011. Below is his academic results achieved in his final grade 12 matriculation examination. Zainul is currently a 3rd year student at the UCT Medschool.

English 84%
Afrikaans 89%
Mathematics 88%
Life Orientation 90%
Geography 83%
Life Science 92%
Physical Science 98%
I attended Stonefountain Colleges from grade 8 to grade 12, at the Athlone Campus. Stonefountain is now partnering with the Western Province Cricket Association to bring you The Newlands Cricket School. The staff of this great institution prepared me really well for the tough years after matric, by teaching me to work ‘SMARTLY’ at school.

They didn’t grind me into working tirelessly, no they taught me to approach work with a plan, always to be well prepared, to work in advance when times were easy and to be organised and disciplined when the going got tough.

To this day I follow that approach, and it has worked for me even now when the work is endless.

Stonefountain prepared me for all the various aspects of life, not just schoolwork. I learnt to care for my fellow human beings, to be generous and accommodating, to have a gentle word to people and to live a life of patience and caring. These qualities add up to be more important than formal education, for it makes you go through life with friends rather than enemies

What makes us truly stand out from a crowd, is not our greatness, no, its our smallness, our humility and piety, those are the gems and diamonds that a school like Stonefountain taught me.

I was also fortunate to make the Western Province U/19 B side in my last year at school, and in the provincial tournament, I ended with the most wickets in the tournament including a hat trick, whilst the WP side won the tournament easily. Once again, I applied the principals which makes life so easy, Humility, piety, caring and being kind and generous.

Now working with patients in the hospital, I can apply the same principles, speaking nicely to them, being accommodating and kind, always being optimistic and simply offering a smiling face.

I only wish I could have attended a school like the Newlands Cricket School, who know, I might have been playing for the Proteas now? I can only say to those learners and players fortunate enough to attend the Newlands Cricket School, you guys are in good hands.

Enjoy it.